You can teach an old dog—and a young dog—new tricks!

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October 9, 2013
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According to Pets 365, almost 52% of dog owners would say that their own dog is very well trained (a 7 or 8 on a scale from 1-10) and say that only 23% of others’ dogs are as well trained.

An old myth states that dogs can’t be trained until they’re at least six months old, but that’s not the case. Today’s methods are based on positive reinforcement, not heavy collar pulling and tugging, so puppies of any age can learn. And more well-trained dogs are able to have more freedom, which makes both dog and owner happy.

While training a young dog is crucial, it’s never too late to learn! Training an older dog may take more patience as they un-learn certain behaviors, but they are equally as capable of learning new tricks. Plus, older dogs tend to be calmer when training.

At Circle K9, training is offered all year round and we have a new indoor facility in the works for summer training. Contact us at 281-259-3564 to learn more about our training programs for your pup, no matter the age!

The holidays are approaching; keep in mind that Circle K9 also offers boarding while you are traveling. Spaces are filling up quickly so book a spot soon!


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