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September 5, 2016
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If you’ve ever had a puppy, you know the pain of going to put on your shoes in the morning only to find them chewed to shreds. You can’t help but wonder, why does my dog chew my shoes? First, it’s important to understand that chewing is a completely normal and even appropriate behavior for puppies. Puppies are constantly learning and taking in new stimuli — your shoes are just additional stimuli that happen to be chewy and fun to throw around. Learning the reasons behind chewing are all part of puppy training in Houston.

Chewing also soothes the discomfort of teething. It’s not, however, as soothing to find your expensive shoes reduced to rawhide. At Circle K9, we have some great trainers. If you’re looking for puppy training in Houston, we’ve got a class for you.

Today though, we’re going to look at the root of the problem and try to better understand why your puppy likes to destroy household items by chewing.

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This is the most common cause of destructive behavior. Dogs that chew up shoes, dig holes, or root through trash are often lacking stimulation elsewhere.

Luckily, this is also the simplest problem to fix. Take your pooch to the dog park. Find some new toys — or rotate old ones regularly so they don’t grow tired of them. Go for a walk. Take a puppy training class. There are numerous ways to keep your pet entertained and a stimulated pet is more likely to nap, not chew.

Separation Anxiety

Another common problem, especially in puppies. When left alone, boredom often sets in, or your little guy (or girl) might just miss you. The best cure for separation anxiety is typically kenneling your pet while you’re away. They’ll still face the anxiety, but they’ll no longer act out on it in a destructive way while in closed quarters.

Over time, trust builds and this anxiety often fades.

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As odd as it sounds, some items are just more tasty to dogs than they’d be to us. The couch, shoes, or wood are often stimulating, and sometimes tasty for your pet.

To correct the behavior, there are a variety of sprays and rubs to make your possessions a little less tasty to your four-legged pal.

While chewing is indeed a normal puppy behavior, the best fix for chewing is a good class for puppy training in Houston. If you’re looking for excellent puppy training in Houston, give us a call at (281) 259-3564 to find out how we can help.

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