What in the World is Schutzhund Training?

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May 29, 2015
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Schutzhund training

You’ve probably heard us mention it before but you may not have a clue what we’re talking about when we say Schutzhund. We’re here to clear things up and help you understand exactly what Schutzhund is and how your pet can benefit from this specialized training program.

What is Schutzhund?

Schutzhund training is a specialized form of dog sport that was originally created in the early 1900s specifically for German Shepherd dogs. The word Schutzhund means “protection dog” and was originally created as a test to examine the skills of working dogs in Germany. Today, the sport is used to specially train dogs for working tasks such as protection, odor detection, search and rescue, and other tasks. Most police dogs you see will have completed this testing process. It is a demanding test that only the best of dogs can pass.

Schutzhund training

While Schutzhund training was originally intended for working dogs, the skills can prove beneficial to any dog and will help create a strong relationship with their owners, making them happier companions.

How can Schutzhund training benefit my dog?

Schutzhund training will teach your dog a number of skills that can prove beneficial throughout their life. The training process focuses on three areas: tracking, protection, and obedience. Within these areas, dogs are tested for mental and physical abilities that demonstrate their abilities to perform the tasks at hand. Dogs who have undergone the training are better behaved and follow commands well.

Schutzhund trained dogs demonstrate a strong willingness to learn and are eager to please their owners. Schutzhund training is an advanced training that can be applied to daily life while encouraging your dog to learn skills that will be beneficial to your dog and your family. The training is available at three skill levels and even the most well behaved dogs can benefit from the training.

Schutzhund training

I don’t have a GSD. Can my dog do Schutzhund training too?

Absolutely! While the program was originally created for German Shepherd dogs, dogs of many breeds can benefit from the training techniques. Dogs of any breed can compete and even mixed breeds are eligible for the training title.

At Circle K9, we love to see dogs of every breed enjoying the Schutzhund training program. If you are interested in this advanced training for your dog, contact Dave Ketterer at Circle K9 today. Your dog could be on their way to a new skillset and you’ll enjoy the skills for years to come. Call us at (281) 259-3564 or use or easy online scheduling system to schedule training for your dog today!

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