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November 26, 2014
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Perfect Puppy dog training houston texas

It’s that time of year when a cute, fluffy, cuddly little puppy is what every child looks for under their christmas tree. But as adults, we know there is so much more to it than “cute.” If you are considering adopting or purchasing a dog as a gift this year, there are many things to consider. Luckily, if you are in the Houston, Texas area Circle K9 can provide one of the most important gifts to give along with a new dog – training!

If you haven’t picked out that faithful companion yet, you are running out of time. It’s important to know what it is you are looking for in a dog and take the time to research where to find that type of dog. Pet stores are often the easiest place make a quick purchase. They tell potential customers that they can get a purebred dog, with the paperwork and all, and walk right out the door after purchase. Pet store pups are very cute, and very easy to buy! No strings attached. That is the problem though. Most pet stores sell dogs that were bred in puppy mills, only caring about the money, not the dog. Even though they are “purebred” and “come with paperwork” doesn’t mean that they are healthy. Puppy mills breed dogs in horrendous conditions and often end up selling puppies with Parvo and many other health issues (many that don’t appear until years later like hip issues, eyesight loss, etc) due to the unsanitary and inhumane conditions they came from! Don’t be fooled, read reviews on Google and Yelp about a pet store you are looking at, before you make the purchase. We’ve all been there, seen those adorable faces in those tiny cages and just wanted to buy them right then and there. They offer the paperwork stating they are healthy and pure lineage, but unless you actually meet the mom of that pup, and personally research those documents to be true, you have no clue what the actual story is behind what you are supporting when you give them your money.

So you decide to skip the pet store, and go for the local newspaper ads. Great! There are the same things to consider in this situation. Newspaper / Craigslist dogs often cost a pretty penny, claiming to be purebreds. Once again, if you do not MEET the mother (and if possible, the father) of those pups, you have no idea what you are getting. Black lab pups that grow into border collies, blue pits puppies that fall short in size… People will tell you anything and act like an expert to get your money. You have to research the paperwork they offer to make sure it’s true. And without meeting the mother of those pups (which you absolutely should request to do when you schedule a visit to see the pups), you could be supporting a backyard breeder who stacks crates in their shed and is no better than a puppy mill. Always make sure you can find references, and credible reviews before buying from an ad.

So what are the best options for finding that new family member? Find a reputable breeder (like Circle K9’s von der Kreisen located in Magnolia,TX) search sites such as and research the pedigree using sites like If you aren’t looking for a specific breed, but just want a healthy pup, check out your local rescue! The adoption process is often longer, but it’s for a good reason. These dogs came from a depressing history and no one wants to put them in another place that will end up in abuse or homelessness. Good, reputable breeders will have a rigorous process as well. They want to make sure their pups are going to a safe home, the process may be longer, but it’s for a good reason. The continuation of the breed, not the love of the money. Circle K9 supports Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue and Abandoned Animal Rescue (Tomball).

Whether you choose a puppy or a rescue this holiday season, remember to schedule some training with Circle K9! We are conveniently located just outside of Houston Texas. We offer a top notch indoor/outdoor dog training facility unlike any other in the area. We also provide the best quality dog boarding and training programs that provide a personal training session with each class that goes through a transfer of leadership from the trainer to you, the handler; no silly DVDs that leave you hanging and confused! Give the gift of a well trained companion by reserving a dog training class through our online system here, or call us at 281-259-3564. Happy Holidays, from Circle K9 to you and your family!


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