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September 3, 2013
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October 9, 2013
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Max - Interval Training on Vimeo

Max has been amping up his training for about a year, adding interval training to his schedule. The interesting part? Max is a dog, and his training is inside on a treadmill.

Circle K9’s team (located in Magnolia, TX) designed a training program to keep Max in shape throughout the summer as he works on increasing his endurance and power. (Max is also going through protection training.)

Treadmill interval training is actually fairly common in dog training, as it burns more calories and promotes feel-good endorphins. Max jogs (or trots) on the treadmill and then does some short sprints. By adding interval training, Max is increasing the length of his fat-burning state, keeping him agile and strong (important features of protection training).

Check out this video to see Max in action and contact Circle K9 (Dave@CircleK9.com or 281-259-3564) to learn more about our training options.

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