Dog Training

Quality dog training is the essential core of our business. Many conflicts occur between a dog and owner when messages are unclear and not properly understood. Understanding that all dogs learn differently, Circle K9 offers a variety of options to help not only educate the dog but also its owner.

We now offer all types of training throughout the year with the recent addition of our top of the line indoor training facility!


Intermediate Off-Leash Obedience

(6 Weeks)

Includes all Advanced On-Leash

Trained Off Leash

2 Private Lessons


Advanced Off-Leash Obedience

(8 Weeks)

Includes Intermediate Off-Leash Obedience with greater precision and reliability and:

Obedience in motion

3 Private Lessons



Ultimate Companion Training Package

(12 Weeks)

This training package is for the client who wants the ultimate companion. Includes full off leash training at our facility and in public. Field trips to vets, parks, petsmart will be included in their training. Complete obedience in the home, car and offices and restaurants. Training will coincide with the owners lifestyle. Do you jog, ride a bike, hike etc, we will train the dog to compliment your lifestyle. Minimum age is 6 months old. Please call for more details: 281.259.3564

Full off leash training at our facility AND in public

Field trips

Complete obedience at home and on the go!

Lifestyle training

4 Private Lessons


Treadmill Training for Your Dog

(10 Day)

Busy lifestyle, too hot outside, or your furry family member needs to lose a little weight? No problem, we will teach your dog how to treadmill! Dogs have crazy amounts of energy, and they need a high energy workout.

10 Day Treadmill Board and Train

Your dog will gradually be introduced to the treadmill and work up to more vigorous workouts:

Boarding with Treadmill
Sessions $50 per night

*Must previously have gone through our treadmill boot camp, or been through one of our obedience Board and Train programs.

*Not all dogs, will qualify for treadmill training. Please call our office for more details

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