Too Hot Outside? Here’s How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

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September 5, 2016
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Texas summers are some of the most unforgiving in the nation and the heat and humidity can really take its toll on your pets. Luckily you can exercise your dog indoors in Houston even on the hottest of days.

While your furry companion may prefer to get outside and root around in the grass, it’s often better to keep them indoors in periods of extreme heat. The problem is, most dogs prefer to get outside from time to time, and may become bored, anxious, or even destructive if they don’t get the amount of exercise they’re used to.

While it’s not exactly feasible to have an indoor dog run for most households, and many dog owners live in apartments or with roommates and/or family members, there are a few ways you can ensure your pooch gets the physical activity they need to stay active and engaged.


Exercising your dog is often as easy as putting their natural instincts to work. Hide food or treats around the house and allow your pet to sniff them out.

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Solve a Puzzle, Get a Treat!

Look into making treat time more fun with interactive puzzle toys. Hiding peanut butter in a Kong toy, for example, will often have your dog chewing and licking for hours, all with a tasty treat for the additional work it took to extract the treat.

Take a Stroll Through a Pet-Friendly Store

Pet supply megastores —  like Petco and Petsmart — are a great way to socialize your dog, get some exercise while walking through long aisles of dog food and enjoy a climate controlled dog-safe location. As an added bonus, your pal gets a dog bone at checkout if you purchase anything while you’re there.

Have a Play Date

Invite a friend over and insist they bring their four-legged companion. While you enjoy a meal, drink, or conversation, your pets gets some healthy socialization and a fair bit of fun so you can exercise your dog indoors with his new friend.

A little creativity is all it takes to find fun and healthy ways to exercise your dog in Houston, even in the sweltering summer heat. At Circle K9, we have the climate controlled facilities needed to make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise during intense weather. When you board your dog in Houston, we’ll make sure they have fun while getting the exercise they need, all from the comfort of our indoor training facility. Contact us at (281) 259-3564 to find out more today.

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