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January 16, 2016
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February 12, 2016
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CC Image courtesy of Pedro Ribeiro Simões on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of Pedro Ribeiro Simões on Flickr

The best kind of K9 companion is one that fits perfectly into your life. It’s the pooch you can take wherever you go, no exceptions. But how often can you really take your dog anywhere? There’s always that one place, the veterinarian’s office, the busy dog park, the jogging trail surrounded by wildlife, or the pet store where your dog goes from well-behaved to hard to handle. In those places you probably find yourself asking your dog, why can’t you behave?

After all, wouldn’t life be so much more pleasant if you could enjoy your day with your dog, without worrying about where you can take them? Circle K9 offers advanced dog training, also referred to as lifestyle training, intended to help you and your K9 companion create a relationship that compliments your lifestyle.

When you take advantage of Circle K9’s Ultimate Companion Training package you will receive full off leash training on site at Circle K9, and at the places you frequent most when you’re on the go with your pet. Those are the places that matter most. So whether you would like to enjoy outdoor activities with your dog or train them to accompany you at the office or on the go in your vehicle, Circle K9 Ultimate Companion Training will assist you in achieving the ultimate relationship with your pet.

Then you can be the person at the park accompanied by your well-behaved pet spectators compliment and admire.

To learn more about this dog-training program that caters to your lifestyle, give us a call at (281) 259-3564. If you’re ready to enroll your K9 companion in this advanced dog-training program, register online today.

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