Zach & Allison

The 8 week course was just what Ajax needed. He was a one year old German Shepherd and behaved like it. He would get anxious, jump up on people, get into things around the house, get mouthy/nip people, and lunge violently at people during walks, I did a lot of research to find the right place to take care of my boy and nurture him into the dog I knew he could be. When I found Circle K9 on the internet, I knew this was the place for him. Having Circle K9 train my buddy was by far one of the best decisions I have made. Not only was Ajax given the tools necessary to be a great companion but the Allison and I were given the skills to be better parents. Since his 8 weeks away from home, he is a changed man and is the happiest I have ever seen him. His anxiety is gone, he listens (no destructive behavior), and he no longer lunges during walks. The house is a lot less stressful now that everyone in the family is on the same page when communicating with Ajax. He finally knows what is expected of him and what to expect from us which is all he ever wanted. Thank you Dave, Andrea, and Brittany for everything! Not only is Ajax well trained but he is the same loving dog I left you with. Can't say enough good things about Circle K9.

George Fritz

To the wonderful folks at Circle K9, I want to express my complete gratitude to your staff for their professionalism I've received before and after i picked up Apollo. OMG what a complete transformation. When we got home, he was extremely excited to see my son. After spending a lot of time with Apollo, he went to his favorite place and fell asleep. Thanks you again for taking care of Apollo!!! You guys ROCK!!!!

Tyler, Alysa, & Zola Milam

“Just an update video of Zola. She is doing great! Thank you so much for all of the hard work you all spent with Zola. She is so much more confident and listens very well in every new situation so far. We also really appreciate the time that Dave spent educating us about what we were doing wrong and have been trying our best to implement that relationship with Zola. We look forward to the next time we are Houston to see you all again. Thanks.”
Tyler, Alysa, & Zola Milam

Ashley, Chuck, Lizzy, Annie & Sarge

“We are amazed! We were blown away with the first two weeks he spent with y’all… Knowing all of those commands at less than 6 months old… But this last week has done wonders! Dave, thank you for the detailed lesson and for giving us the tools we needed to really give Sarge a place in our family. Using the tools he learned and the tools we learned, we can already see a major improvement. He had breakfast with us today and did perfect. He’s calm when the girls love on him and playful when they throw the giant squid Kong toy. We also started playing a bit of hide and seek with him.. Letting the girls hide so he could find them and then get to play with his super squeak toy that he loves. He picked the game up so fast, I was shocked! He’s such a great dog, thank y’all for helping us see that and for helping us understand how to communicate efficiently with him. We are so happy we sent him to Circle K9! Thanks so much!”

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