Sunscreen on Dogs is Important Too!

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June 16, 2016
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The summer just started and it’s already a scorcher. Hot or not, it doesn’t mean you won’t be spending time outdoors enjoying all that the Houston area has to offer. But while you’re slathering that protective layer of sunscreen on your own body, don’t forget about your furry friend you’re bringing along. That’s right – sunscreen on dogs is just as important.

It may seem a bit silly at first but the information will surprise you. Turns out that your dog can suffer from sunburn too. So if your dog is going to be spending lengthy periods in the sun, here are some sunscreen tips that can help.

1. Choose the right sunscreen for dogs. 

When it comes to sunscreen, not all are created equal (this goes for humans too). Pay close attention to the ingredients listed on the package. If it’s safe for sensitive skin and babies, it’s probably safe for your dog too.

2. But there’s one big exception: zinc oxide.

Unlike human skin that benefits greatly from zinc oxide, a standard ingredient in sunscreens, dogs find the stuff toxic. For the best results, look to a sunscreen specifically designed for dogs to ensure all ingredients are safe and effective.

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3. Don’t forget the delicate areas.

Your dog’s fur may protect the greater portion of their body, but it does nothing for the exposed areas. This includes their snout and inguinal area, that delicate stretch of skin between their body and legs.

4. Give greater attention to at-risk scenarios.

If your dog is light-skinned or spending extended periods in the sun, you should be extra vigilant about applying sunscreen.

5. Do a test area.

Just like when you try new products on yourself, You should do a test patch on your dog’s skin to make sure there are no reactions.

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Look for Shade & Shelter: Your dog will benefit greatly from a conveniently located spot near shade so they can cool off when needed.

Avoid Shaving: Shaving your dog can actually intensify the situation and expose them to more harmful sun rays.

Consider Clothing: If your dog is a serial sunbather, look to dog clothing that can protect their skin. Underneath all of that further, their skin is just as delicate.

Rest assured, at Circle K9, we take all of the necessary precautions to make sure your pet is safe. For more information or to schedule your pooch for dog training and boarding in Houston, contact us online or give us a call at (281) 259-3564 today.

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