Starting October 1st – Canine Influenza Vaccines Are Required!

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June 23, 2015
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July 7, 2015
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canine influenza vaccines

At Circle K9, we strive to show your dog the same love and affection they receive at home. We shower them with attention and praise so your dog can feel right at home. And just like you, we care about your dog’s health. Because we want to ensure your pet and all dogs that visit our Magnolia, Texas facilities are happy and healthy, we will begin requiring canine influenza vaccines.

Canine influenza, also called dog flu, is a respiratory infection that infects only dogs and causes flu-like symptoms, but not all dogs will display these symptoms. The disease spreads from one dog to another and generally reeks havoc in areas with several dogs, like shelters and kennels.

Starting October 1, 2015, all dogs that visit Circle K9 for training or boarding will be required to receive canine influenza vaccines. This practice will protect not only your own dog, but all dogs that come to Circle K9 for their boarding and training.

This change won’t impact most of our guests since a large number (roughly 75 percent) already receive the vaccination, which is even more reason for us to put this into practice. For the other 25 percent we say, “what are you waiting for?!”

The October 1st start date will allow you plenty of time to get your dog vaccinated. The canine influenza vaccine is a quick and easy process that is best started sooner, rather than later. Following the initial vaccine treatment, your dog will need a booster shot three to four weeks later. After that, it’s only an annual shot to keep your dog free and clear of the latest strands of canine influenza.

Schedule a visit with your vet today so your dog is ready for fun and learning at Circle K9 come October 1st. As before, your dog will also be required to receive Rabies, DHLP, Boardatella (with 6 month boosters), and Parvo vaccinations in addition to the the canine influenza vaccines, in order to join in on all that Circle K9 has to offer. These simple measures will protect all of our furry friends that come to visit.

If you have questions regarding our vaccination policy or other questions about our facilities, contact us today at (281) 259-3564.


Photo Courtesy of Ridgewater College via Wikipedia Under CC-3.0

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