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January 22, 2016
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February 25, 2016
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As we leap into February, it’s important to keep your resolutions going in full force. It’s no time to give up on your healthy diet, new exercise regimen, or your plans to finally organize the garage. While you’re working to improve your health and generally make life easier, don’t forget about our valuable¬†training classes for dogs that’ll help your pet make their own life improvements.

While you’re dusting the cobwebs off of the exercise bike in the back of the garage, we can help with dog training in Houston, TX.

Your pet will love our relaxing country setting with ample acreage to work on their training, as well as to have fun. They’ll be able to enjoy the shade trees and sprawling fields on many days.

Even when the temperatures rise or the days are not so nice, we offer the latest innovations in technology in our state of the art indoor training facility. With our UV-light HVAC system, we not only keep the temperature comfortable, but the air safer.

training classes for dogs

You’ll be amazed by our dog training in Houston. Our training techniques allow us to address your canine on a level they’ll understand, while forming a strong relationship of trust. This process gains the best results that are unmatched by others that offer training classes for dogs.

When training is complete, you and your family will receive private classes so you and your dog are completely comfortable and ready to enjoy those vigorous walks around the neighborhood.

Celebrate a new year, new dog, and new beginning when you sign your pooch up for dog obedience training at Circle K9. Allow Dave Ketterer and our crew to show you the difference we can make in your dog’s behavior. Reserve your space through our online scheduling system or contact us today at (281) 259-3564 to find out more about our training programs.

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