Skip the Shave: Why Shaving Your Dog is Harmful!

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July 1, 2016
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It seems like a rational thought – your excessively hairy ball of fur must be miserable in the heat of summer. You’ve considered shaving your dog. It’s ending up all over the floors and furniture so surely they’d be better off without it, right? Think again.

That double coat your Siberian husky, akita, or Chow chow is sporting has its own built in cooling system. While the topcoat is busy repelling dirt and water, the notorious undercoat is responsible for providing insulation. As the weather heats up, your dog will shed the finer undercoat. Vacuums everywhere pay the price.

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But it’s a small price to pay for the benefits of that double coat. Just like the insulation in your house, the undercoat keeps the internal temperature regulated from excess cold and excess heat. Shaving your dog will make the heat even more intolerable for your beloved pooch.

The exposed skin also puts your golden retriever, German shepherd, or labrador at risk to skin cancer. Melanoma and other skin cancers are the leaders in fatal cancers for dogs. As it turns out, that double coat provides just the right amount of protection to help prevent these unfortunate and deadly cancers that take the lives of far too many pets.

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But it’s not just the undercoat you’re robbing your dog of. That topcoat keeps away hazards like flies, mosquitos, and brambles. A walk through the woods could be a nightmare without the protection your dog’s coat provides.

The topcoat also keeps unruly undercoat in check. If you thought your canine’s hair was unmanageable before, wait until it starts growing back in. Pets can experience patchy hair where topcoat has difficulty regrowing – if it ever grows back.

So put down the scissors and trimmers. Instead, let nature run its course for your Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, or Collie. Bath and brush your dog regularly, possibly opting for a brush that aids in maintaining the undercoat.

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If you’re dead-set on trimming your dog’s hair, leave it to the professionals. Your local groomer will know exactly how to handle your double coated dog.

At Circle K9, we love to see your double coated dogs enjoying a frolic through our open spaces. Bring them by for boarding and training in Magnolia. We can even help you out with a groomer recommendation. Schedule your pet’s visit online or at (281) 259-3564.

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