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September 1, 2016
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The holiday season is right around the corner and you know what that means – trips to see friends and loved ones. Packing and planning is stressful enough without the extra concern of packing for our pets. Fortunately we have you covered for holiday dog boarding in Magnolia Texas!

While we’d ideally take our four-legged friends with us wherever we go, the truth of the matter is that flying is an anxiety-inducing experience for pets and humans alike. It’s best left for cases when it’s absolutely necessary. 

Our dog boarding facility believes dogs are happiest with plenty of space, ample opportunity for exercise, and some close personal attention from our staff – and maybe a belly rub from time-to-time. All our dogs are in one of our 4 x 8 indoor kennels at night, during nap time and whenever we experience inclement weather. 

When your pooch isn’t inside napping on one of our comfy Kuranda beds or enjoying some pampering by our amazing staff, they’ll get to enjoy our huge outdoor dog runs. The 11 x 21 individual run allows your pooch to frolic around outdoors and enjoy our country atmosphere all while enjoying some space to stretch out or just lazily nap in the sun.

On those hot Texas days, we’ll even kick the air conditioning up a notch to accommodate your furry friend. During cold nights, they’ll get to bask in the warmth of our climate-controlled HVAC system, complete with a UV light anti-bacterial system to keep them safe.

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Holiday dog boarding in Magnolia Texas at Circle K9 is like treating your best friend to an all-inclusive stay at a nice bed and breakfast. While you vacation with family and friends, they’ll be treated to exercise, lots of love, and plenty of belly rubs.

Our staff is here to make sure your holiday dog boarding in Magnolia, Texas is unforgettable. Contact us online or call us today at (281) 259-3564 to make arrangements for the rapidly approaching holiday season.

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