Science Shows That Our Dogs Love Us

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dogs love us

Love is a many splendid thing. We love our friends and family, and even to the extent that friends become family. We’re not the only members of the animal kingdom capable of this either. Elephants, whales, dolphins, monkeys, and a slew of other animals have all proven to care for members of their species. We’re capable of loving all sorts of species. We love penguins, or giraffes, or cats, or dogs. This sense of compassion was said to be what set us apart from other animal species.

As pet owners, we always want to believe our animals love us in return – even down to the goldfish. Dogs have always been especially good at making a person feel loved, even if it’s just to lick the tears from our face when we’re sad. Well now we can know how they truly feel. Some scientists finally went and proved that our dogs love us. Not just a little, but a WHOLE lot!

At Emory University, Gregory Burns and his team were able to find some very willing (and well trained!) dogs to sit still for a MRI exam. They used their incredible sense of smells to compare their reaction to articles of clothing worn by strangers versus people they knew. They discovered that familiar scents triggered the pleasure center of the brain.

Attila Andics and his team at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest conducted another neuroimaging test that found that dogs also respond well to vocal cues. They were able to perceive emotion through tone and recognize familiar voices. Even the sound of our voice proves that dogs love us.

Another study in 2012, found that dogs are even more attached to their human family than they are their pack mates or biological parents. The dogs showed a stronger response when their human family left the space, as compared to other dogs. Dogs love us even more than their own kind! That kind of love can’t be beat.

It’s this kind of love and affection that we feel from dogs that is reciprocated at Circle K9. We want to show your pets the same kind of unconditional care that they show to humans on a regular basis. Whether they’re coming in for a short visit or an extended stay, we’ll make sure they know that we love them as much as dogs love us.
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Photo Courtesy of Ronnie Gavelin via Flickr under CC-2.0

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