6 Reasons Why Our German Shepherds Are Top Notch

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Our German Shepherd, MeryGerman Shepherds are a breed with a lot of history. They are one of the most popular and are very easy to recognize because of their distinct bodies and coloring. The dogs may be best known as powerful police dogs but they have a background in herding and also make great family pets. For all of these reasons, our German Shepherds are top notch pets!

1. German Shepherds are one of the most common working dogs. Working Line German Shepherds are used as powerful military and police dogs all over the United States. These dogs are used because of their keen sense of smell and strong training abilities. Working German Shepherds are also used as therapy pets for blind patients as seeing eye dogs and for therapeutic programs for children, the elderly, and individuals with mental or social difficulties. Check out one of our past litter pups, Ares, who is a police K-9! Circle K9’s trainers are the Schutzhund and K9 Police dog experts.

2. A dog sport, known as Schutzhund (German for “protection dog”), was created in the 1900s as a breed suitability test specifically for German Shepherds. The test involves tasks they would need to complete as powerful police dogs including search and rescue, specific odor detection, and strength and agility tasks. The test is administered to check working German Shepherds for top notch characteristics common to these demanding jobs. While the test is now administered to various breeds, it is still very difficult for any dogs to pass the rigorous examination. Watch a video of trainer Dave Ketterer and Sire Xot at the SCR Championship: https://vimeo.com/37609730

3. The distinct pointy ears of our top notch German Shepherds doesn’t develop until they are six months old. Until then, their ears flop over in a characteristically puppy fashion, check out latest litter and their floppy ears here: http://circlek9.com/von-der-kreisen-breeding-kennel-magnolia-texas/

4. German Shepherds have three different types of coat: plush coat, longhaired coat, and double coat. German Shepherds come in various colors including black, sable, black & tan, black & cream (pale tan), black & red (dark tan), black & silver (pale cream), blue, gray, liver, and white. However, black & tan, sable, and all black are the most common and some kennels don’t recognize the others as true German Shepherds. White German Shepherds aren’t even allowed to compete in show because their lineage is so diluted. Our German Shepherds are traditionally colored with sable (Mery) and black & tan (Xot) coats, producing only the finest and most respected coloring.

5. Imported working line GSD (German Shepherd Dogs), like dam Mery and sire Xot, are considered to be the strongest and healthiest because they come directly from Germany and have a strong lineage. The herding dog was first introduced by Captain Max von Stephanitz in Hanover, Germany in 1882 but they didn’t make their way to the United States until 1907. Only a year later, they were recognized by the American Kennel Club. The dogs are known for their training and intelligence and love to have a task to complete.

our German Shepherd, Xot

Xot during scent work and he didn’t miss a beat!

6. Our German Shepherds are top notch because they have notoriously balanced temperaments. They have a medium amount of energy so they love physical activity (like Schutzhund, obedience training and more) but can also enjoy a relaxing snuggle while you catch up on your favorite television shows. They also do great with children when a relationship is established so they make wonderful family pets.

If you are looking for a German Shepherd for sale, look no further! Circle K9 has two strong imported working line GSD, Xot and Mery, who have just recently had puppies! This litter of seven German Shepherds are absolutely adorable. If you’re ready to bring one home, contact us today at (281) 259-3464.

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