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August 31, 2015
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canine influenza

As summer comes to a wrap and cooler temperatures roll in, flu season approaches.  You may find yourself taking the necessary precautions to protect your family. Additional hand washing, stocking up on soup and tissues, and deep cleaning your home might just be part of your regular routine this time of year. You possibly even had everyone get a flu shot as a precautionary measure. But while you’re keeping everyone safe, don’t forget about your dear dog!

It’s just as important to protect your pet with a canine influenza vaccine. Canine influenza is different from Bordatella, it’s currently running rampant in Texas kennels and the only protection from this contagious respiratory disease, is not only the Bordatella shot, but the combination of it with the parainfluenza shot. Parainfluenza causes typical flu-like symptoms in dogs and if left untreated (and unvaccinated) can even lead to death in low immune pets (the young and the old). Just as with the human flu vaccine, there are different strains that are protected against and some that are too new. It’s still the best protection for your pet to get both the Bordatella and the Parainfluenza shots in order to cover the broadest spectrum possible.

canine influenza

We love each dog that visits us at Circle K9 and we want to keep each and every one of them healthy and safe. In order to do this, we have updated our vaccine policy.

Along with Parvo, DHLP, and Boardatella (with 6 month boosters), and Rabies vaccinations, all dogs will be required to receive the canine influenza vaccine. This will protect your dog while at our facility and even when you’re out on walks around the neighborhood, checking out local pet super stores (PetSmart, etc) or visiting your favorite dog park.

Many of our visitors have already received the vaccine and we couldn’t be happier! Over 75 percent of those that come to our spacious location in Magnolia, Texas already make sure their dog gets the canine influenza vaccine. For those that remain, this is your reminder!

canine influenza

The deadline of October 1st is fast approaching so don’t delay! Contact your vet to schedule your pet’s canine influenza vaccine today. If you have questions or need assistance locating a high quality vet in the area, we are happy to help. Contact us at (281) 259-3564 so your dog can enjoy happy and healthy boarding and training at our beautiful location just outside of Houston, Texas.

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