About von der Kreisen

Von der Kreisen translated means from the circle. The circle is a symbol of completeness, unity, and perfection. It is exactly these qualities that Circle K9 and von der Kresien German Shepherds has implemented into its breeding program. Our dogs are selected from the highest quality working lines from Europe and are thoroughly tested and evaluated for temperament, structure, health, and conformation. Whether you are looking for a top police K9 or simply a German Shepherd to be with the family, von der Kreisen German Shepherds has the right dog for you

Pedigree Information of Litter C

In keeping with the tradition of breeding the German Shepherd dog for stable temperament, sound physical structure, and strong workability, Circle K9 in conjunction with von der Kreisen Shepherds proudly announces the breeding of our “B” and “C” litters, sire Xot van Meerhout SCH2-IPO2 and dam SG Mery z Berounske Basty ZVV1. Mery’s outstanding stable temperament, her beautiful black sable color and nice conformation is exactly what we wanted in a breeding female. Her pedigree boasts many well known working dogs who have competed at a high level including V Vito vom Waldwinkel and SG 1999 WUSV SIEGER Tom van’t Leefdaalhof. There are several more who are WUSV Participants. To add balance to Mery’s civil drives, Xot van Meerhout brings the more traditional higher prey and prey aggression commonly found with his West German lineage. Xot’s sound physical structure still has him working in narcotics, scaling walls, and active in sport work at age 8. Xot comes with a long line of impressive working dogs including his sire, V Kanto vom Firecatcher, SCH3, IPO3, FH, KKL1LBZ(LGA SIEGER)BSP, also SG Gotthilf von der Kine, SCHH3, IPO3, (V1-BSP-SIEGER 1994), and the famous V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich, SCHH3, FH, V-BSP 1987. Xot’s AKC #DN12323005

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