Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Summer is Over, Here are Some Autumn Pet Tips for You!

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Photo by Andre Hagenbruch from Flickr.

Now that the heat of summer has come and gone the weather is cooling and everywhere you look people are preparing for autumn. Even though you don’t have to worry so much about dehydration and dog pads on hot pavement, there are still tips to keep your pooch save during the season. Practice these pet safety tips for autumn and you’re sure to enjoy the season with your whole family.

Beware of snakes!
Snakes are hibernating creatures and they can become particularly agitated while they prep for winter in our beautiful Texas climate. Pay extra attention when you take your four-legged friend on nature walks and even in your own backyard. Should you encounter one in your path, just guide your dog around the area as to avoid confrontation.

Feed your pet healthy foods!
Some of your own fall favorites make great additions to your pet’s diet. Pumpkin and apples are nutritious additions and your dog will love them. They provide valuable vitamins and antioxidants and can also also help with weight loss and constipation. However, make sure your pet is only getting the pure food and no added sugars or spices. You also want to make sure they aren’t consuming any seeds, leaves, or stems which could pose health hazards.

Keep the chemicals away!
Fall is a time where people are preparing for the winter season by placing pest traps and performing vehicle maintenance. Make sure you keep these hazardous chemicals out of reach for your curious pet. Car coolant and rodenticides are deadly if consumed and should be disposed of safely to ensure no other animals come in contact either.

Get plenty of exercise!
Exercise is good for you and your pets. Utilize the cooler temperatures to take your pet to the dog park or for a nice walk outdoors. They enjoy romping through leaves and the season is a great time to enjoy them.

pet safety tips for autumnPhoto by Gareth Williams from Flickr.

Be cautious with school supplies!
While your child is working on their homework and school projects, remind them to pick up their school supplies. Your pet will inevitably see those crayons and markers as new chew toys and they could cause gastrointestinal problems for your canine.

Spend the season enjoying your dog’s company while you practice these pet safety tips for autumn.

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