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May 1, 2013
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Learn All About Them from Mom Mery

For most dog lovers, becoming the new mom or dad to an adorable German Shepherd puppy would be a dream come true.

Now, with Circle K9’s new litter of von der Kreisen puppies available for sale, your wish is our command! 


The possibilities for fun, fond memories are endless, with our von der Kreisen puppies guaranteed to not only make perfectly lovable pets, but also to excel at Schutzhund and Police K9 work. 

You can place deposits on our “B” litter of puppies immediately! But before you do, we thought you’d like to learn a little bit more about what distinguishes them from other German Shepherd puppies for sale. 

And what better way than to hear straight from their mother Mery, our European imported German Shepherd?


Here’s what mom SG Mery z Berounske Basty ZVV1 has to say about her new “B” litter of puppies with Father Xot van Meerhout SCH2-IPO2: 

“Allow me to introduce you to all seven of them: Boomer, Branick, Bugati,
Blaze, Brie, Blitz and Bolt.

There is one light sable female, four sable males, one dark sable male and one black / grey male.

But regardless of color and sex, all of my puppies are extra special.

First, my puppies are European German Shepherd puppies. That means that their temperaments are always stable and that they have a more sound physical structure compared to American-bred German Shepherd puppies.

Second, my puppies are working line German Shepherds. That means that they have great workability instincts and will excel at Schutzhund and K9 Police work.

In fact, one of my “A” litter puppies from last summer went on to become a  Police K9. I am sooooo proud of him!

And I know that my “B” litter of puppies are eager to follow in his paw prints.

Will you please come visit me and my puppies so that you can become their new mom or dad?”

Canine lovers, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about our “B” litter of German Shepherd puppies straight from mom Mery herself.

But you can learn even more about them by visiting our full-kennel dog boarding facility near The Woodlands, Texas. Schedule your visit by clicking here: 

Don’t worry about getting your new puppy trained, either. With our Puppy Imprinting Program, your new “B” litter German Shepherd puppy will learn basic puppy dog obedience and puppy potty training skills. 

Also, if you are already the proud mom or dad to a German Shepherd, Circle K9 can also meet your needs. Remember – Circle K9’s trainers are the Schutzhund and K9 Police dog experts in the Houston area.

Enroll your German Shepherd in our dog training courses here:

Now — What’s stopping you from becoming the new mom or dad to one of our von der Kreisen puppies?

Place your deposit today, before all seven puppies are claimed! 


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