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January 2, 2015
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January 15, 2015
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For some households, the holidays meant bringing a new member into the family. You hand picked a dog from the local shelter to bring joy and happiness to their family. As soon as you walked into the shelter, you knew this dog was perfect. She rolled over on her back then nuzzled and fell asleep in your arms. What more could you ask for?! Except, when you got her home, the story was a little different…

Every year, many rescue animals get returned to shelters because the new pets seem like more work than was anticipated. Many of these rescue animals have never been in a home so they simply don’t know how to act. Others may have had shelter, but they certainly weren’t well cared for by their previous owners. These animals just need a little extra attention.

This is where Circle K9 comes into play. We’ve worked with dogs from all walks of life and understand dog psychology. Allow us to help you with dog rescue training in Houston. These sweet animals need a second chance at life and this can only be facilitated with proper dog rescue training.

Your rescue can be the perfect pet you expected with just a little help. Circle K9 offers various levels of training that include basic obedience skills all the way to advanced off leash training. No matter what kind of training your pooch had previously (or didn’t have, for that matter), we can help your dog become the well behaved family member you’ve fallen in love with.

Best of all, our specialized training is meant to transfer to your family. We provide a private lesson at every level of training so that you and your family can form the relationship needed for proper obedience. After all, dogs aim to please and they want nothing more than to make sure they get to stay in your home!

Circle K9 works with local shelters to help rehab and train dogs that would otherwise not be adoptable. We provide fostering and training for animals from Abandoned Animal Rescue in Tomball and Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue. Take it from us, we know what it takes to turn a rescued dog into a family member!

So don’t delay – schedule dog rescue training for your newest family member today through our easy online scheduling system or by calling (281) 259-3564.

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