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July 7, 2015
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healthy dog food

We love our pets and we consider them family, so it’s no surprise that we’re concerned with the food they’re eating. Consumers are growing increasingly concerned with the ingredients in their pets’ food, just as they would their own and dog food companies are taking note. One stroll down the aisle and you’ll notice labels like “made with fresh ingredients” or “organic” or “nutrient-rich.” Just as consumers are taking notice of their own food, they’re also paying attention to their pet’s food as they seek healthy dog food.

Recently some of the big label dog food brands have faced scrutiny for their ingredients. Big-name brand Purina was addressed in a class-action lawsuit in which the lead litigant claimed their Beneful brand dog food contained propylene glycol and mycotoxins, causing his dog among thousands of others to become sickened or die.

healthy dog food

Even so-called healthier brand, Blue Buffalo went under the gun when Purina sued them for mislabeling their food, which they claimed had no animal byproducts. They admitted their supplier was mislabeling their products, causing their dog food to be mislabeled as well. This folly came at the expense of consumers who pay twice as much for a bag of this premium brand.

Pet owners looking to make the switch to healthier dog food, should pay attention to the ingredient list. Just like with any food you eat yourself, look for simplistic ingredient lists with products that you can pronounce. The best healthy dog food will avoid animal byproducts (containing only real meat instead), and excessive grain fillers. Healthy dog food ingredients include real meat, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, and squash.

happy dogs eat healthy dog food

If you’re uncertain about a specific brand, you can find reviews on Dog Food Advisor with ratings and information about the ingredients used in the product. The site even offers a list of local pet stores in Magnolia, Texas and surrounding areas where you can buy high quality dog food for your furry family member. If you are inclined, you can even make your pet’s food from scratch but make sure you’re using only foods that are safe for pets to consume.

At Circle K9, we are always looking out for the well-being of your pets. Along with our top-notch training, we can help you make informed decisions about healthy choices for your pet.

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