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Check out any pet store and you’ll find walls full of leashes, but how do you know which one is right for your dog? Here are the four basic varieties of dog leashes and how you can decide which will work for you and your dog:

  1. Standard Leashes: Standard leashes are for everyday use and should be around six feet long. Be sure to teach your dog not to bite on the leash.
  2. Retractable Leashes: Retractable leashes retract into a plastic case with a quick click. When released, the leash can lengthen and lock into place. Don’t use a retractable leash until your dog walks on a standard leash. Retractables can teach dogs to pull on the leash and can be very dangerous is the stop action breaks and your dog dashes out into traffic or a precarious situation.
  3. Slip Leashes: A slip leash (or slip lead) has a loop at the end and is adjusted until it’s tight enough to remain on your dog’s neck. These are great for slipping on dogs that try to pull away from the leash and can be used to correct dogs that pull. Ordinarily, these are temporary leashes used in a “disposable” sort of way. If you are looking for a long term leash, stick with a standard leash and clasp.
  4. Martingale Leads: A Martingale lead is a leash and collar in one. The collar slips over the dog’s head and tightens when the dog pulls. This type of leash/collar should be used in conjunction with training a dog not to pull.

A few DON’Ts when considering leashes? Avoid chains, as they can be heavy and may hurt dogs if they chew on them. Make sure that the leash is securely in place on the collar, and snaps in place.

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