Kuranda Dog Beds: The Ticket to Doggie Dreamland

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When you trust your dogs with us for boarding or training, you want to make sure they get the best experience possible. Maybe you come visit our facility to check out our expansive Houston, Texas grounds. But do you ever consider how your dogs will sleep? After all, they are spending the night at Circle K9!

Well, rest assured, because we guarantee that when your pooches arrive for their boarding session, they will receive a ticket straight to Doggie Dreamland, courtesy of Kuranda dog beds.


Don’t let the funny name fool you – these beds have been optimized for maximum satisfaction among dogs AND their owners due to their patented 100% chew-proof design. Here’s how Kuranda makes dreams come true:

Canine Benefits:
– comfort
– pain relief
– cleanliness

Owner Benefits:
– less mess
– one-year warranty
– multiple design options


Proper rest is essential for dogs, especially after a long day of running around in the Houston summer sun. Unfortunately, most dog beds just fall short; in fact, many completely fall apart. That’s why we have chosen to prioritize your dog’s sleep-over experience by providing Kuranda beds, which are the safest and most reliable beds we know of.

Even though owners are sleeping on their own beds, they will sleep more peacefully knowing that their dogs are free from pain and pests.

In fact, your dogs may like Kuranda beds so much that they refuse to sleep on anything else! If you want sweeter dreams for your dogs even when they’re not at Circle K9, visit the link below to order a Kuranda bed for your home!

Kuranda Dog Beds - Rethinking dog beds
Kuranda Dog Beds

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Circle K9

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Circle K9 is located in Magnolia, Texas (just outside of Houston). Run by loving dog owners and a certified trainer, Andrea and David Ketterer’s Houston dog kennel facility sits on a five acre estate for the sole purpose of training and boarding dogs. Dog Training is a passion and way of life for David and Andrea that throughout the years became their profession and the basis for
Circle K9.

Circle K9’s dog boarding facility is situated in a country environment with a large pond and plenty of shady trees. The dog kennels are located in a climate controlled indoor facility with outdoor kennels and large runs as well. While staying at Circle K9’s Houston boarding facility your dog will benefit from our huge individual 11’ x 21’ outdoor run areas, and sleep in their personal 4’ x 8’ indoor kennel with elevated Kuranda beds. At Circle K9 we believe the dogs
are happiest with plenty of space, lots of exercise, close personal attention and oodles of love, which is why we live on site.

Quality dog training is the core of our business. Andrea and David feel that when conflicts occur between a dog and owner it is when messages are unclear and not properly understood. The key in our Houston dog training program is to teach individuals to understand that all dogs learn differently. Circle K9 is here to help; not only to educate the dog but also its owner.

Specialty Training is offered by Circle K9 of Texas, training such as Schutzhund, protection, narcotics, tracking, and competition obedience. Our goal is to see our Houston training program dogs educated and available to work with a variety of Police and Military Agencies. Or simply to see them successfully integrated within their adoring family.

Contact Circle K9 today for your custom designed board and training package. Appointments are available; call us to discuss your individual needs.

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