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October 16, 2015
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Halloween is this Saturday and with the big day right around the corner, we thought we’d provide you with a few Halloween tips to keep your dog safe. The holiday weekend means a lot of fun and festivities but not all parts of Halloween are designed with your pet’s safety in mind. Plan accordingly, and even your furry family will be able to enjoy the spooky day!

1. Beware of Choking Hazards

Even the best trained dogs will have occasional slip-ups and get into things they’re not supposed to. So while you’re skillfully decorating the house in spooky decor, keep your pet in mind. They will certainly be intrigued by all of the new items and their smells. Be mindful of where you’re placing items – especially those that could pose a choking risk. Our number one Halloween tip is to avoid items that could pose a safety risk for your pets or those in your¬†neighborhood.

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2. Be Mindful With Costume Choices

Sure, those Halloween costumes at the pet store may be too cute to pass up, but be careful with your selection. Many dogs will feel uncomfortable in costumes, especially if it’s their first go-round in wearing anything. Keep the costume simple and non-restrictive so your pet isn’t dreading life the whole time. As with our Halloween tips for decor, be especially aware if the costume has any choking hazards. You don’t want to leave your dog unattended while they’re in costume.

3. Keep The Candy in High Places

halloween tips treatThat Halloween candy your kids (and let’s face it, you too) love to collect and devour is not good for your four-legged friend. You’ve probably heard that dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate because it can make them severely sick. You may not be aware, however, that a number of candies are sweetened with Xylitol, a sugar alcohol that can also make your pet very sick. And since we’re mentioning it, it’s also found in a lot of cough drops **and some peanut butters** so keep those stored away from your pet too!

If you want to include your pooch in the festivities, whip up some dog-friendly pumpkin treats. They’re high in fiber and your dog will love having a special snack all of their own (and they’re easy to make too)!

4. Secure Your Pet During Trick-or-Treating

Even well trained pets who never charge the door might be spooked during all the chaos and commotion of the day. As hoards of random people in spooky costumes approach your doorway, keep your dog safely secured in another area of the house. This will prevent runaways and uncomfortable situations with children and adults alike.

Be sure to have fun this Halloween! We encourage everyone to share pictures of their pets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to tag us or use #circlek9 so we can share in the celebration and don’t forget our pet safety Halloween tips!

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