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December 22, 2015
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They say every person is unique – just like a snowflake – because we grow from different backgrounds with different friends in different situations at different jobs. Take one look around and you’ll find it to be true. Even your best friend, whom with you have so much in common, is still different in their own right.

Our dogs are the same way. They each have their own personalities and quirks that make them who they are. Together with our pets, we form a lifestyle that is unique to us.

This is why we created our Ultimate Companion Training Package. This incredible package is designed to train your dog for your specific lifestyle needs. We take the training past the basic commands and beyond simple off training to custom tailor training specifically for your needs.

The Ultimate Companion Training Package is made to prepare your pet for the best training for your needs. With this companion training program, your dog will be prepared for walks, jogging, bike rides, hiking, time at your workplace, road trips, and more.

While at our state of the art training facility, your dog will enjoy the climate controlled environment as well as the spacious environment both indoors and outdoors. During this extended 16 week program, your dog will undergo extensive training both on leash and off leash to meet the needs of your lifestyle.

As part of the training, your dog will experience field trips to parks, vets, and pet stores to prepare them as your ultimate companion dog. These experiences and their training will provide them with obedience training no matter where you go together – at the park, in the car, at the office, and even at restaurants.

Companion training is the best program available to ensure your dog behaves in any situation. As with all of our training programs, the Ultimate Companion Training Package includes private lessons so you and your dog can learn the ins and outs of their training so you can enjoy life together.

To find out more about this incredible companion training program, contact us today! We’re happy to answer your emails or to take your calls at (281) 259-3564.

Ultimate Companion Training Package

(16 Weeks)

This training package is for the client who wants the ultimate companion. Includes full off leash training at our facility and in public. Field trips to vets, parks, petsmart will be included in their training. Complete obedience in the home, car and offices and restaurants. Training will coincide with the owners lifestyle. Do you jog, ride a bike, hike etc, we will train the dog to compliment your lifestyle. Minimum age is 6 months old.

  • Full off leash training at our facility AND in public
  • Field trips
  • Complete obedience at home and on the go!
  • Lifestyle training
  • 4 Private Lessons


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