Protect Your Dog With Pet Safety Tips in Bad Weather

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April 25, 2016
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May 30, 2016
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Pet Safety Tips in Bad Weather puppy

Spring isn’t all flowers and rainbows. It’s also rain, thunder, jumping temperatures, and lots of mud. While it simply seems like this year’s cycle for us, it can take on a different meaning for your dogs. To protect their well being we offer these pet safety tips in bad weather.

Mind the temperature.

If it’s not comfortable for you to be outside, it’s safe to say your dog won’t like it much either. Watch for excessive heat and cool night temperatures.

Hydration is important.

On hot days, your dog will drink as if they’ve never had a drink before. So while you’re letting them enjoy some time outside, remember to provide them with water. Set out a fresh bowl in a cool place and remember to clean the bowl regularly.

Pet Safety Tips in Bad Weather heat

Check their paws.

Changing weather can have varying effects on your dog’s paws. Be alert to hot surfaces and wipe mud from their feet as best as possible. These elements can be irritating for your dog and may result in infection from exposure to grass, insects, and mud that harbor disease.

Dry your pet.

While you’re fetching the towel for their paws, you should probably grab one for the rest of their body too. Wipe them down to remove excess water. Pay attention to their ears, especially those dogs with long, floppy ears.

Pet Safety Tips in Bad Weather storm

Console in times of fear.

Dogs are particularly perceptive of weather, including thunderstorms. The situation can cause anxiety and fear. Provide your pet with calming affection. In some cases, a thunder vest can wrap their body and reduce panic even when you’re not home.

Keep up-to-date identification.

Weather – especially the thunderous kind – can sometimes be terrifying to a dog. While soothing and comfort wear can help, accidents do occur and dogs can escape. The best way to keep them safe is by making sure their identification tags and microchip are properly updated. This way they can be safely returned to you.

Prepare an emergency kit.

Ben Franklin once said, “‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” While we also hope for the best situations, it’s best to be prepared for any number of emergencies. When you pack your emergency supplies for your family, don’t forget about your furry family too.

Circle K9 is always glad to help in any situation. For more pet safety tips in bad weather or to view our visitors in action, follow us on Facebook. We encourage you to leave an honest review while you’re there too! Or you can schedule your pet’s stay online or by calling (281) 259-3564.

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