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September 2, 2015
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September 17, 2015
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Autumn is all about change. Change in the temperatures. Change in the colors. Change in wardrobe. But this season let your dog experience change with exceptional dog training at Circle K9.

Whether your pet is a young pup looking for beginner education or a seasoned pro looking to step up their advanced training game, we have what you need.

Our beginner classes teach the basics every pooch needs to be a well functioning member of the household. Beginner instruction includes commands like “sit,” “stay,” “down,” and “heel” so that your dog can behave well in home and while you’re around the neighborhood on walks.

After mastering the basic commands your dog may want to take their exceptional dog training to the next level. Intermediate training is their next step. Your dog will learn how to behave even without a leash. This teaches your dog proper obedience with more precision and starts your dog on the path towards more advanced off leash training.

exceptional dog training

Our advanced obedience training is entirely off leash. Advanced dog training allows your dog to perform while in motion. Even while you’re out and on the go your dog will be able to remain obedient.

We also offer classes designed for working dogs. These will teach your dog how to best perform for hunting, protection, or other work functions. Our Schutzhund training takes their classes a step further by providing skills for this sport that allows your dog to participate in competition with other working dogs.

We always like to go above and beyond with our training programs. The problem with many training programs is the ability for dogs to continue their training at home and not just with their instructor. Each level of our exceptional dog training includes private lessons to ensure their new learned behavior will continue at home with family – where it’s most important.

exceptional dog training

Allow your dog to take advantage of all of the beautiful scenery at our Magnolia, Texas facility just outside of Houston. When they’re not watching the leaves change colors on our sprawling five acres, they’ll be taking part in a change of their own – whether outside or inside our state of the art climate controlled training facility.

Your pet deserves a chance to turn a new leaf this Autumn. Schedule your dog’s training online or contact us at (281) 259-3564 today.

Still not sure? Check out Kimber and Liesel’s success story!

“Kimber and Liesel are mother/daughter rescue Shepherds that I recently adopted. They just completed 3 weeks of training at Circle K9. Prior to their training I could not separate them and work with them as they were distracted and filled with anxiety.

They were taught how to succeed while separated. They learned how to walk well on a leash, to heel, to sit, to down and to post. I can put them into a post or down them on leash, walk away and leave them or call them to me. Dave also spent time with me working with the girls individually.

I am now able to separate them and work with them successfully. Today I took them outside individually, and after working with them for a while, was able to take the leash off and have them walk with me, sit and down. We are all taking major steps together and Dave opened up the door for us.

Thanks Circle K9!”

-Brian Young

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