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December 5, 2017
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ultimate companion training package

This time of year is all about planning for the future. We set resolutions for the new year to help us make goals for what really matters to us. Maybe you want to exercise and eat healthy foods. It’s possible you’d like to travel across the country or even around the world. Maybe you want to finally organize that spare bedroom. You might even be finally gunning for that promotion at work.

Whatever your goals are, your dog can be there by your side. A jog through the neighborhood or a hike in park can be made better with your companion by your side. And dogs make wonderful road trip companions as well. But to get your dog prepared for these new adventures, they’re going to need our Ultimate Companion Training program.

The Ultimate Companion Training program is designed to provide your dog with on leash and off leash training to meet your needs. Whether your family is just relaxing at home or taking on the next big adventure, the Ultimate Companion Training program will provide them with the training they need to accompany you for all of life’s journeys.

As part of their training, dogs will receive training at our facility as well as off-location for the ultimate experience. They’ll accompany us on field trips to the pet store, the veterinarian office, and the park to prepare them for their Ultimate Companion Training.

The program is an extensive 16 week training program that will prepare your dog for your future together. When training is complete, you’ll be provided with four private lessons to help you and your family utilize the training to the full potential.

To learn more about our Ultimate Companion Training program, contact us today! We’re happy to answer your emails or to take your calls at (281) 259-3564.

Ultimate Companion Training Package

(16 Weeks)

This training package is for the client who wants the ultimate companion. Includes full off leash training at our facility and in public. Field trips to vets, parks, petsmart will be included in their training. Complete obedience in the home, car and offices and restaurants. Training will coincide with the owners lifestyle. Do you jog, ride a bike, hike etc? We will train the dog to compliment your lifestyle. Minimum age is 6 months old.

  • Full off leash training at our facility AND in public
  • Field trips
  • Complete obedience at home and on the go!
  • Lifestyle training
  • 4 Private Lessons


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