We Have European German Shepherd Dogs For Sale So Don’t Miss Out!

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March 3, 2015
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german shepherd dogs for sale

At Circle K9, we love dogs of all shapes and sizes. We love big dogs like Great Danes and little dogs like Papillions. We love curly haired dogs like Golden Doodles or long haired dogs like Yorkshire Terriers. We love purebreeds like Irish Setters and hybrid breeds like Puggles. However, we have a special affinity for German Shepherds.

If you are fortunate enough to find AKC German Shepherd dogs for sale (like the ones we have), they are a fantastic breed. They were first bred in Germany as herding dogs to keep track of sheep. German Shepherd dogs are an intelligent breed and love to have a task to complete. These traits combined with their keen sense of smell, are why they are often utilized as seeing eye dogs, therapy dogs, and police dogs. German Shepherd dogs have even served in the military, filling various roles to help protect and serve the servicemen that stand beside them.

German Shepherds also make great family pets. They are naturally curious, giving them their reputation as great guard dogs. They love being part of a family and do well with children of all ages. They are such a well-loved breed that they rank as the second most popular breed in the United States.

We have two of our own imported European German Shepherds, Mery and Xot, that we adore. These two are both imported from Germany and come from working line families with incredible pedigree. Xot loves Schutzhund and is very active in scent retrieval activities. Mery is raising her sweet pups.

Soon, these pups will be ready to go to their new homes, which means we have German Shepherd dogs for sale! Our top of the line pedigree German Shepherd pups for sale go quickly so do not hesitate.  Currently we have only five of our seven pups available but many of our von der Kreisen pups come back to visit and receive training. At Circle K9 we offer everything from basic obedience training to advanced off leash training as well as specialty training like Narcotics, Schutzhund and Protection.

If you’re looking for top quality, AKC, European working line German Shepherd dogs for sale, look no further than Circle K9 for our wonderful von der Kreisen pups. Simply fill out the necessary forms and you could be the next proud owner of a German Shepherd dog.

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