Dog Training for a Well-Behaved Pet on Thanksgiving

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October 28, 2015
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Thanksgiving is a time of year where the family gathers round to enjoy each other’s company and share a bounty of food. But that enjoyment can be cut short if you’re spending the day trying to get your dog to behave around all of these new people… or you’re shielding the turkey from becoming a dog-only feast.

Rather than wrestling with your pets and their poor behavior, get to Circle K9 where your pets will be properly trained. Under the instruction of professional trainer Dave Ketterer, your pet can go from Turkey Day Tormentor to the lovable furball that impresses your entire family.

Training at Circle K9 is available for dogs of all levels. We start from the very beginning with puppy training and imprinting. If basic obedience dog training is what you need, we can help your pooch learn all of the tricks to keep them well behaved around your guests and food. Even older dogs can benefit from our intermediate and advanced dog training classes. With our advanced off-leash training, you can even get your dog involved in your touch football game on the field! Or you can show of your pet’s skills with Schutzhund training.

Get your dog the best dog training classes around in a beautiful country-like setting. Located in Magnolia, Texas, residents from Tomball, Houston, and surrounding areas come to Circle K9 for dog training that is unmatched. We even get visitors from other parts of the country that bring their beloved dogs to us for our top notch dog training.

Experience what sets us apart and why we have such a high success rate. Schedule your pet’s dog training classes and you’ll also get private lessons so you and your family understand how to make the most out of your dog’s new behavior.

Call us today at (281) 259-3564 or sign up online to get your pet started on their dog training.

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