Dog Obedience Training in Texas with Circle K9

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August 21, 2014
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September 16, 2014
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If you’ve considered dog obedience training in Texas, then you probably have a rambunctious canine friend in your home. We love our pets and want them to be happy but that often means teaching your family dog to work with the family and not against it. Fortunately, Circle K9 is here to help teach your furry family member how to properly behave in all sorts of situations.

According to the ASPCA, training your pet will not only promote family happiness, but it will strengthen the bond between your dog and the family. Believe it or not, your dog wants direction! Dogs need structure and it’s in their nature to follow a leader. Training will communicate to your dog exactly what you expect of them.

When you bring your pet to dog obedience training in Texas at our beautiful Magnolia facility, you’ll see that communication is key. Dogs don’t just respond to verbal commands. In fact, non-verbal body cues are even more important. Your canine will respond to your posture and body positioning as well. Our dogs are surprisingly capable of picking up on moods as well, so be sure when you’re correcting your pet’s behavior that your mood reflects the command.

Just like humans, dogs appreciate and look forward to rewards. So, when your dog follows direction, reward them with a nice belly rub or a game of fetch. Rewards don’t have to be food-dependent and some dogs actually respond better to non-food rewards. Your affection is the best reward you could offer your furry companion.

We offer an array of training classes for all levels. Basic obedience classes include standard commands like sit, stay, and heel, while our advanced classes cover obedience lessons in motion and off leash. For more instruction on dog obedience training in Texas please feel free to contact us.

Dog Obedience Training in Texas

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