Circle K9’s Puppy Imprinting Program: The Perfect Gift for 2013

Train Now, Play Later: Don’t Hesitate to Enroll Your Pooch in Circle K9’s Puppy Imprinting Program
January 11, 2013
Show Your Puppy Love This Valentine’s Day with the Gift of Circle K9’s Puppy Imprinting Program
January 31, 2013
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The holiday season may have recently come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be presented with other gift-giving opportunities this year. How can you avoid giving the same clichéd gifts occasion after occasion?


If you want to give a gift that is practical but also outside the box, Circle K9 recommends giving the gift of our puppy dog training courses to friends and family in 2013.  

Circle K9’s Puppy Imprinting Program teaches each cuddly canine several important concepts, including puppy potty training skills, puppy obedience skills, and other useful commands such as “sit”, “stay”, and “leave it!”. The program only requires a brief two-week stay at our beautiful facility in Magnolia, Texas.

Here are some best occasions to give your loved ones the gift of puppy dog training in 2013.

Baby Shower Gifts: With a new baby on the way, excited parents-to-be have quite a few things on their minds.  In terms of responsibilities, puppies can sometimes be even more demanding than newborns. By thoughtfully giving the gift of puppy potty training and puppy obedience training, you will help expecting mothers and fathers to focus more on meeting their baby’s needs rather than responding to their puppy’s misbehavior. Give the gift of puppy dog training to help expectant parents free up their time and reduce their worry about exposing their baby to a messy, undisciplined puppy.

Housewarming Gifts: Puppies, as delightful as they often are, can wreak havoc on your home. What could be more devastating than moving into a nice new house only to have its interior destroyed by your puppy’s misbehavior? Puppy potty training skills and puppy obedience skills will prevent Spot from ruining a new home. Also, the puppy’s two week stay at our facility near The Woodlands, Texas will give movers some time to organize their new space without the threat of a puppy’s misbehavior. Give the gift of puppy dog training to reduce the stress and responsibilities of loved ones who have recently moved into a new home.

Job Promotion Gifts: A job promotion is always something to celebrate, especially in this economy. Your recently promoted loved ones may now be making more money, but they may also have less time spent at home due to their increased responsibilities at the office. Give the gift of puppy dog training to these lucky professionals to help them to spend quality time playing with their puppy rather than taking the time to discipline her.

Though the Christmas gift-giving season has ended, there are still many opportunities to give the gift of puppy dog training to your loved ones this year. Just don’t delay – our Puppy Imprinting Program fills up quickly!

To learn more about booking puppy dog training classes for your puppy, click here:

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Circle K9’s dog boarding facility is situated in a country environment with a large pond and plenty of shady trees. The dog kennels are located in a climate controlled indoor facility with outdoor kennels and large runs as well. While staying at Circle K9’s Houston boarding facility your dog will benefit from our huge individual 11’ x 21’ outdoor run areas, and sleep in their personal 4’ x 8’ indoor kennel with elevated Kuranda beds. At Circle K9 we believe the dogs
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Quality dog training is the core of our business. Andrea and David feel that when conflicts occur between a dog and owner it is when messages are unclear and not properly understood. The key in our Houston dog training program is to teach individuals to understand that all dogs learn differently. Circle K9 is here to help; not only to educate the dog but also its owner.

Specialty Training is offered by Circle K9 of Texas, training such as Schutzhund, protection, narcotics, tracking, and competition obedience. Our goal is to see our Houston training program dogs educated and available to work with a variety of Police and Military Agencies. Or simply to see them successfully integrated within their adoring family.

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