Circle K9 Trains Rescued Dog with Hearing Impairment

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July 5, 2013
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July 19, 2013
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DeeDee is a hearing-impaired rescue English Setter who has been trained by Circle K9. Some people think that it’s difficult to train a hearing-impaired dog, but Circle K9’s techniques demonstrate how a dog like DeeDee can learn all of the standard training. And because all dogs require non-verbal cues, DeeDee is not that different from other pups.

Dogs that are hearing impaired from birth require minimal specialized training; dogs that have later-life hearing impairment may require additional training. While it may be more difficult to call to a hearing impaired dog, general training is similar. Body posture, hand signals, and expressions are all utilized.

You can view video of DeeDee’s training on Circle K9’s Facebook page. Notice how she sits close to her trainer, Dave, walks alongside him as he moves (heel), and stops when he does. She also sits, lays, and stays as directed. All commands are done through non-verbal, visual cues.

After viewing the video of DeeDee’s training, Facebook fan Letty Fernandez commented, “She has completely transformed! … This girl is forever changed because of the spectacular training she has received.”

DeeDee is available for adoption at Above & Beyond Rescue. She has a sweet temperament and high energy and would be best suited for a home with an active lifestyle. She deserves a loving home where she can showcase all of her new training and skills!  

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