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For some families, the thought of leaving their dog at home unattended is a flat out nightmare. You may spend half of your workday worrying about what your favorite canine is getting into at that very moment. Your favorite shoes? “Please, oh please. Tell me I remembered to shut the bedroom door!” A trashcan full of paper? “What is it with this dang dog and paper anyway?!” The houseplants? “If I wanted dirt everywhere I would just live outdoors!” Every waking moment may be an opportunity for destruction.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Bring your destructive dog to Circle K9, one of the best dog kennels in Texas! Your pet will have the opportunity to enjoy their day at our incredible facilities. We have plenty of open space so your pet can run and jump without getting paw prints all over your couch! They can chase after a rolling ball without knocking over the television! And all along, you can relax knowing your pet and your possessions are safe.

At our Magnolia, Texas facilities just outside of Houston, your dog will have the company and attention of our highly-trained staff. Other dog kennels in Texas don’t all offer what we can – sprawling fields, outdoor runs, climate controlled training facilities, and the staff to keep it all going smoothly. We have many years of experience and a keen sense of understanding for the psychology of dogs. This allows us to work with all of our canine visitors to ensure they enjoy their stay.

While your dog is at our kennels, boarding isn’t your only option. We also offer various levels of training so your pet knows how to behave in any number of situations. Whether it’s just basic obedience or you’re looking for more advanced off-leash training, our certified dog trainer, David Ketterer, can train your dog to be on their best behavior.

Whether you’re looking for dog kennels in Texas for daily dog boarding or boarding for a family vacation, look no further than Circle K9. Your pet will be happy in our care and you can relax knowing our care is top notch. Don’t just take our word for it – you can see for yourself via our Facebook reviews.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today by reserving a kennel online or by calling (281) 259-3564!



Photo Courtesy of Bryce Bradford via Flickr CC-2.0

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