Circle K9 offers acres for your pup to play!

Board your dog in a country setting!
February 24, 2014
3 reasons to love circle k9’s outdoor runs
March 13, 2014
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In a dog’s mind, there’s nothing more pleasing than acres and acres of green grass where he can run and play. Circle K9’s property in Magnolia, Texas is just that! Pups can run when training with Circle K9’s staff or simple get some fresh air in our 13 outdoor runs. Dogs also get to interact and play with each other, enhancing social skills.


There are so many benefits to making sure that your canine companion has lots of time to run and play! Health is obvious; a running dog is a lean, agile dog that will have lower risk of heart and digestive problems. Socializing with other dogs and our trainers helps them overcome fears and build confidence and trust. And, of course, a playful dog will become a sleepy dog at night, settling down for a peaceful night—which equals a sleep-filled night for you!

Contact Circle K9 to schedule a time to come see our extensive facility and grounds where your dog can play.

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