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Having a dog can be a tremendously rewarding situation. They anxiously greet you when you walk in the door, console you when you’re down, and constantly make you laugh. But to make the most of your relationship with your pet, you must train them to stay safe and abide by the rules of your household. That’s where Circle K9 comes in. We offer canine training for your furry family members whether they’re old or new!

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting. They follow you around wherever you go and you jump at the opportunity to show them off. But once the thrill of the new puppy wears off and they turn into shoe-chewing toddlers, you’ll want to begin training your pup. Circle K9 is here to help you from the very get go. Training your dog is something that should start early in their life to ensure they follow the rules of the household. However, not every new pet brought into the home is a puppy.

Fortunately, many families opt to rescue pets from shelters, like GHGSDR, providing a second chance (or sometimes even first chance!) for pets to have a loving home. Many shelters even provide vaccinations and needed medical treatment, making shelter animals a great addition to a family. Many shelter dogs will require canine training, especially since different households have different rules and many are unfamiliar. Have no fear though, because we’re here to help! We love to shower your new family member with love as they adapt to their new life. Our highly skilled training staff is prepared to take on even the toughest cases so that your dog is a welcomed addition to your home and family.

Our training isn’t reserved just for the new guys though. We offer top of the line advanced training for family pets and working dogs as well. Your furry companion can be trained to follow your commands both on leash, off leash, and in competition so that your dog can meet its full potential.

Don’t hesitate! Bring your dog – no matter their age or training level – to Circle K9 for our well recommended canine training classes today!

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