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September 26, 2014
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October 7, 2014
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October 1st is National Black Dog Day. It’s a day to raise awareness across the country about the issue of Black Dog Syndrome. Black Dog Syndrome is about the statistics that show how black dogs (and cats as well as senior pets) generally remain in shelters four times longer than other adoptable pets. There are many reasons thought to cause this; genericness, poor ability to view features in photos, and even scary stories that have portrayed black pets as the villain in books throughout the years.

The fact is black dogs are no different than white, yellow, red, blue or brown! The only way to change these statistics is to get the word out. Don’t skip the black one, take a second look, go visit them in person.

Celebrating National Black Dog Day is a great way to show your support, raise awareness and help bring an ending to this unfair bias, share this post on facebook! You can find rescues that focus on adopting black dogs all over the country:



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