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We love our dogs. Often they’re a reflection of ourselves. But let’s face it – they have some quirky habits that need some explaining. Those weird dog habits might just seem like some strange behavior your dog does just for the fun of it, but there’s likely a logical explanation. We’ve compiled this list of some of the most peculiar behaviors you may witness from your most beloved pets.

The Lie Down Dosey Doe

weird dog habits circle dance

Believe it or not, your dog isn’t turning in circles before they lie down just for the fun of it. These weird dog habits are developed from centuries of trained behavior. Before the days of domestication, generations of dogs would sleep outside on what was often fairly rough terrain. The circling behavior allowed them to tamp down grass and twigs before they plopped down to sleep for the night. Turns out, it’s just centuries of ingrained behavior that your dog can’t seem to kick. So, no matter how comfy that plush dog bed is, don’t be shocked if they feel the need to spin around before settling in.

The Fecal Cuisine

weird dog habits fecal cuisine

By far one of the grossest weird dog habits, chowing down on their own poop is somewhat normal. Yep, turns out your pooch could be completely normal even if you are completely revolted. Dogs eat their poop for various reasons. Your dog could be bored, hungry, curious, playing, or simply removing the evidence. That’s right – they defecate in the house and are destroying the evidence in fear of your scorn. Some species of dog are more prone to it than others. If the nasty habit is occurring regularly and you want it to end, a call to your vet could help you get to the bottom of their individual reasonings or bring it up with your trainer to help correct the behavior.

The Piece-by-Piece Meal

weird dog habits piecemeal eating

Humans have their own quirky food habits but if your dog is taking bites of their food and eating it outside of the bowl, there’s a few possible reasons for it. Sure, it looks strange, but their mealtime ritual could be caused by their inherent pack mentality. Try separating that dog from others so they get a bit of peace. It’s possibly just because your dog is the more submissive of the bunch. The passive behavior can still occur when they’re the only pooch around. The weird dog habit may also be caused by the sound of their food bowl. Digging around in an ultra-loud dish may just not be music to their ears.

The Belly-Up Sleeper

weird dog habits belly up sleeping

Showing their delicate underside is a side of trust and their docile nature, so this weird dog behavior isn’t something you’ll likely see from the neighborhood stray. But there’s something to be said for this sleepy-time behavior because it shows your dog is well balanced. If your dog doesn’t like the back-down-belly-up position, have no fear. Some dogs just show more of a strange sleeping position preference than others.

The Grass Kicker

weird dog habits kick grass

They may be doing a number on your lawn, but kicking the grass is pretty normal for dogs. Your canine may just be trying to clean up after themselves (isn’t that nice?) or they may be marking their territory. Turns out, the backwards scratching motion secrets pheromones that are naturally found in canine feet. Guess that weird dog behavior isn’t so weird after all.

The Serial Leaner

weird dog habits lean

Between sitting on your feet, leaning into you during walks, or sleeping right on top of you, it may seem like your dog is incapable of supporting their own weight. The behavior, while somewhat strange, is quite endearing and often just means your pet wants to be near you. That’s right – your dog just likes to cuddle. Dogs are pack animals and being close to loved ones keeps them safe… plus it brings a smile to your face.

While dogs can sometimes seem like pretty strange animals, their quirky habits can be pretty adorable. After all, we love them no matter what – weird dog habits and all.

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