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May 13, 2014
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June 20, 2014
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So you just brought a new pup home? Congratulations! You and your family are probably overjoyed with the addition. Well, at least your two-legged family. But what about those with four legs? How do you properly socialize them into your home?

While dogs are most accepting of new things between ages 3-12 weeks old, there is still plenty of hope for harmony in your home! Here are four things to remember when socializing a new dog:

  1. Use the ol’ security blanket method. Get one pet’s scent on one blanket and the other’s on a different blanket. Swap ‘em and allow the animals to smell each other before proceeding to the meet and greet.
  2. If you’re introducing your current cat to a new dog, allow the introduction to happen at home. Taking your resident cat to meet a new dog outside of its preferred, known environment can put it on guard and make it hostile.
  3. If a new dog is meeting your current dog, try to introduce them outside. Many dogs naturally want to romp and play, so you and a friend should each control one dog and allow them to get to know each other. Sniffing is okay!
  4. Pay your current pet plenty of attention. While a new pet requires a lot of attention, don’t forget your current animal. It was there first and will feel territorial if it’s not receiving the proper love and affection.
  5. Be patient. Cuddles and adoration rarely happen overnight. Your current pet will likely feel out of place for a few weeks until it adjusts.

Prefer a little socialization assistance? Circle K9 offers puppy socialization to help a dog learn its role in your home.We can spend two weeks on site to ensure that your pup is ready to be around others. Need to work on potty training, too? We can tailor that in to your home schedule, as well!

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