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March 13, 2014
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It’s always beautiful weather in sunny Magnolia, TX, where Circle K9 is headquartered, but in other areas throughout the US, the thaw is happening and Spring is just around the corner. When the days are longer and more time is spent outside, many people make the rewarding decision to bring a dog into their lives. Here are five reasons why it’s important to make sure that your new addition is properly trained:

  1. You become the authority: Your dog should answer to your commands and learn your voice. You should be seen as an authority figure to the pup so that he learns to respect your requests.
  2. You can properly socialize him: When a pup is well trained, he enjoys having people in the home, playing with other dogs at the park, and behaves around children.
  3. You can prevent potential tragedies: There are potential hazards that you and your dog will be presented with, like slipping out of his collar, sneaking out an open door, etc. Understanding commands and to listen to your voice will allow him to be called back to safety.
  4. You can teach an old dog new tricks: Don’t assume that because your dog lived in another home or in a rescue that he can’t learn something new or break bad habits. With proper training, he’ll move forward with new habits.
  5. Positive reinforcement will bond you and your dog: Just as your pup will learn that you are the authority figure, he will also learn that you are the one who doles out treats and gives all of the affection!

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