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June 29, 2014
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It’s always pretty warm here in Magnolia, Texas, but it’s also the peak of summer across the United States, even with another Polar Vortex. It’s important to keep your dog’s body temperature in check. Here are 4 tips for keeping your pup cool throughout summer:

  • Consider playing in the water—with caution. While some dogs are natural swimmers, others struggle to stay afloat. Consider a baby pool to keep your pup cool, and if you’re planning to go in deeper waters or on a boat, be sure to test your dog’s swimming skills before or put on a floatation device. (Most pet stores sell life vests for dogs of all sizes.).
  • Don’t take away a dog’s protective coat. While some dogs benefit from a shorter haircut during heat waves, fur protects from heat and burns. Don’t go too short!
  • Keep an eye out for the symptoms of overheating. Glassy eyes, drooling, or major panting can tip you off to overheating. Keep them cool and get to the vet if you suspect overheating.
  • Remember that concrete/asphalt are hot, hot, hot. Your pup has no protection for the pads on its paws, so try to avoid walks when the sun is blazing. If you have to take the dog out during the hot hours, try to stick with grass.

Remember that it can be hard for your dog to regulate its body heat, so be mindful on those hot days! Here at Circle K9, we can provide the perfect temperature for your pet during boarding or training. We offer indoor kennels and covered outdoor kennels—and we will soon have an indoor training building!

Interested in booking a training session or boarding with us? Check us out online: http://www.CircleK9.com

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