3 reasons to love circle k9’s outdoor runs

Circle K9 offers acres for your pup to play!
February 24, 2014
5 reasons to train your dog this spring
March 20, 2014
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At Circle K9, it’s important that dogs still get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Magnolia, TX even when they’re not out training. Our 11×21 individual outdoor runs provide ample space for pups to stretch their legs while providing privacy and protection from the sun. Having this additional access to the outdoors has plenty of benefits:

  1. Weight loss/management: Some pups need to lose a few pounds and all dogs need to maintain a healthy weight, so running in our covered outdoor runs gives them more time to exercise with the safety of staying out of the sun.
  2. Burning energy: Dogs are proven happier with the ability to run and play and while at Circle K9, they are only in their kennels at night for sleep and during inclement weather.
  3. Alleviating boredom: When dogs are bored, they may bark, chew, or resort to other bad behaviors. Allowing access to the outdoor runs mixes up their routines.

Do you see health and behavioral improvements when you give your pup extra time outdoors? Why would a kennel provide anything other than room to run and play safely just like at home? Choose Circle K9 for your boarding kennel needs in Texas: http://www.circlek9.com.

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